Corporation details - Miners Of New Eden [M0NE]
Alliance: Silent Infinity CEO: Mara Arthie
Kills: 8434 HQ: Rahadalon VI - Moon 4 - Civic Court Accounting
Losses: 1765 Members: 39
ISK destroyed: 1,436.80B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 100.29B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 93.48% Website:
All-sec Mining corp of real life and gaming friends spanning over 15+ years of gaming.

Here's what we offer to you:

Friendly Atmosphere: An excellent group of people who are friendly, supportive of each other, and knowledgeable about the game.

Logistics Service: Developed and ready to make your life easy. Get your stuff in and out of nullsec at a low cost and minimum of personal effort.

Member Support: Assistance is readily available for everything from a quick materials purchase to the placement of your own POS.

PvP Opportunities: Looking for a solid base with pew close at hand? Look no further! Fly with experienced FCs in everything from small-gang fights to major engagements.

Here's what we require from you:

No trial accounts.

No SP Minimum: However, there are ship and skill requirements.

Active Players: Doesn't mean you need to be on twelve hours a day, but we regularly purge inactive pilots to ensure we remain a dynamic and positive corporation.

Team Players: Joining a corporation means you're joining a community, and we expect the members of our community to work together towards their goals.
M0NE Recruiting for more information.
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
September, 2017895.21412.9863.57%
August, 201711210.08533.5174.17%
July, 201716029.56261.0796.50%
June, 2017172.5053.6240.81%
May, 20171208.95294.2767.72%
April, 201735195.49572.2697.69%
March, 201718620.00391.7492.00%
February, 201726181.22415.0894.12%
January, 201712812.03711.8686.61%
December, 20168610.43793.4875.01%
November, 2016633.68452.9655.46%
October, 201621478.68733.6295.60%
September, 2016130.91710.5761.65%
August, 20166426.32420.9096.69%
July, 20169341.13280.6698.41%
June, 201611826.64411.7793.76%
May, 201614512.36251.5588.84%
April, 20169423.23242.1891.43%
March, 201623961.56553.3194.90%
February, 2016936.08482.0175.19%
January, 201633259.44704.2193.39%
December, 201536955.27479.0785.90%
November, 201529053.18312.0096.37%
October, 201520726.30302.3891.70%
September, 201519028.78492.6191.67%
August, 201545993.75947.6792.44%
July, 201529798.99713.1596.92%
June, 201512719.04351.5892.35%
May, 201529854.54381.7396.93%
April, 201557867.19230.7098.97%
March, 20151,257114.39631.2898.89%
February, 201569751.88371.1497.86%
January, 201544836.91421.3196.57%
December, 2014130101.53472.2897.80%
November, 2014549.70301.4187.30%
October, 2014443.29461.6866.17%
September, 2014507.95461.2086.87%
August, 201420.00301.180.33%
July, 201400.00150.430.00%
June, 201470.03423.960.66%

Top Losers
September 2017
Pilot Losses
Danous Solarwind 1. Danous Solarwind 11
Hunan Secol 2. Hunan Secol 9
Guy Patrouette 3. Guy Patrouette 9
Mara Arthie 4. Mara Arthie 6
Seru Xinn'Naoz 5. Seru Xinn'Naoz 5
Roksana Vasilyeva 6. Roksana Vasilyeva 1
All time
Pilot Losses
Seru Xinn'Naoz 1. Seru Xinn'Naoz 452
Mara Arthie 2. Mara Arthie 348
Evaian Vaerdin 3. Evaian Vaerdin 287
Hunan Secol 4. Hunan Secol 198
Guy Patrouette 5. Guy Patrouette 81
odin darkage 6. odin darkage 46
Miners Of New Eden - 3GXF-U VI - Moon 1 7. Miners Of New Eden - 3GXF-U VI - Moon 1 29
Arina Beroshky 8. Arina Beroshky 28
Hezxen Severasse 9. Hezxen Severasse 22
Danous Solarwind 10. Danous Solarwind 20
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