Corporation details - Sons of Dystopia [.S0NS]
Alliance: E.B.O.L.A. CEO: Darvo Thellere
Kills: 20 HQ: Isinokka VI - Moon 1 - Ishukone Watch Logistic Support
Losses: 2 Members: 12
ISK destroyed: 22.62B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.98% Website: http://
"A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is translated as "not-good place", an antonym of utopia, [...].
Dystopias are often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian governments, environmental disaster, or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society."

We shall fear nothing for we are what you fear.
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
March, 20181521.4200.00100.00%
February, 201820.0600.00100.00%
January, 201831.1500.00100.00%
October, 201700.0020.000.00%

Top Damagedealers
March 2018
Pilot Kills
Lufine Doc 1. Lufine Doc 1
Nero De'Kath 2. Nero De'Kath 1
All time
Pilot Kills
Lufine Doc 1. Lufine Doc 2
Pares Dumis 2. Pares Dumis 2
Darvo Thellere 3. Darvo Thellere 1
Nero De'Kath 4. Nero De'Kath 1
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