Corporation details - DIRTY MONEY INC. [DMCI]
Alliance: NONE CEO: ameliahuntress greston
Kills: 643 HQ: Abaim V - Moon 1 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant
Losses: 195 Members: 6
ISK destroyed: 88.30B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 9.61B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 90.18% Website: http://
We are an Anti-Pirate, CVA allied, NRDS corporation operating across multiple regions of New Eden.

Our recruitment philosophy is simple: we would like to have you, but we don't need you. Other than piracy, we engage in all facets of game play. We value motivated self starters of any vintage, who are willing to contribute to, and integrate into, a larger whole. We value maturity and low drama even more. Our game play opportunities come with obligations, and responsibility to others, however.

If you cannot follow rules, do not apply. That said, we also like to have fun.

Application inquires, diplomatic issues, general questions, amd love/hate mails should be directed to
alexhunter seyah or Zheng'Yi Sao.

All members accept free beer and ISK, however.
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
June, 201500.0010.200.00%
May, 2015113.61260.6085.84%
April, 2015190.6640.2671.80%
March, 201527230.79321.2796.04%
February, 2015280.98150.5165.81%
January, 201550.63100.7047.36%
December, 2014445.95231.1583.85%
November, 2014331.2960.4175.64%
October, 201461.3570.2783.06%
September, 201413738.03421.6195.94%
August, 2014230.74191.1638.96%
July, 2014684.4030.3592.57%
June, 201410.1260.5817.18%
May, 201400.0060.590.00%
December, 201340.0000.00100.00%

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