Corporation details - Pre-HOM [.POM.]
Alliance: My Other Laboratory is a Distillery CEO: Qwackenbush
Kills: 7 HQ: Josekorn VII - Moon 1 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau
Losses: 5 Members: 47
ISK destroyed: 0.45B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.11B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 81.05% Website: http://
Pre-HOM is a precursor for something greater. Once just a feeder for its parent corporation, Hand of Midas (HOM), Pre-HOM now represents a training ground for the entire My Other Laboratory is a Distillery Alliance (WISKY). We provide a supportive environment to prepare members for success in any chosen profession, and once adequately trained, we will promote members into a specialized corporation within the alliance that will help them reach their goals.

Hand of Midas, the executor corporation, will buy just about every raw material a capsuleer can acquire, from the obvious ore and minerals, to salvage, datacores, PI materials, and gas (and more!). The price HOM will pay for these materials is very competitive and is updated every 15 minutes to stay in sync with the current market. This way, a new pilot can be assured they are receiving the best price possible for their goods. Even better, members can sell any goods they’ve acquired wherever they are in highsec. Our alliance logistics pilots will take care of the rest.

The Alliance runs weekly mining ops to boost income for our newest members and promote social interaction with our veterans. We also highly encourage questions and discussion to enhance learning opportunities whenever possible.

WISKY also has a sizable Custom’s Office network to promote Planetary Interaction. Our extensive network is taxed at a very low rate to create a larger margin of profit for the members that enjoy this activity, and HOM will buy these materials from members at competitive rates.

Industry and resource harvesting is just one facet of our alliance. We have many opportunities for new members to train for PvP and PvE. All new members are expected to field a fleet doctrine ship in case of war. But we are also able to provide environments that promote PvP and PvE for those among us who prefer to ride the lightning. The goal of our alliance is to make our members wealthy, and sometimes the most strategic method for achieving this goal is to put down our collective pickaxes and abacuses and pick up the rails, artillery, and cruise missiles. We have the capacity to carve out a profit regardless of the tool.

WISKY has experienced members from every background in New Eden. Some have wormhole experience, some have nullsec experience, some may have never left highsec but have ample experience with production and the market. We even have members that have become lowsec pirates or faction warfare grunts. We have Fleet Commanders, wardec specialists, and full industrials, yet we’re all united by one goal: make shit tons of cash and get drunk off of it.

In order to promote social interaction among our members and to coordinate fleet activities when the opportunity arises, our alliance has forums and teamspeak. Both are mandatory for membership.

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POM Recruitment

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Jenni Matrix, Barkel, Erimond, and Issabell Ambraelle for recruitment info.
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
March, 201740.1110.0191.80%
January, 201710.0800.00100.00%
July, 201600.0020.010.00%
June, 201610.2610.0875.53%
May, 201610.0000.000.00%
December, 201400.0010.000.00%

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