Corporation details - LORDS OF DISCIPLINE.Corp [XDSKK]
Alliance: Silent Infinity CEO: Grimweed Bubblepot
Kills: 167 HQ: Tarta IX - Moon 14 - DED Assembly Plant
Losses: 408 Members: 21
ISK destroyed: 20.42B Shares: 10000000
ISK lost: 80.10B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 20.32% Website:
A Quest to Endure the lives we shape.
To better our understanding of a place.
A place we have come to name as... home.

A Soild Copration Family
Ask to join a Chat channel for more info
Recruitment status: Open
Recruiting 15mil skill points
EU and US timezones prefered.

We are looking for players who are willing to enjoy their EVE time
To help build something that means something to all of us.

We Offer:
Corp support and isk making opportunities

What we need:
.Like minded and confident players willing to give it yer best shot
.Players who will join in on the fun and be active with the understanding that RL comes first

Discord invite will be given via the API Required for training info and Security History
TS-3 is required for FLEET OPS and General chat

For diplomatic information contact:
- Grimweed Bubblepot 1st CEO Qoute: ''GO on do it, you can do it''
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
January, 201830.6380.2174.76%
December, 2017202.90261.4566.62%
November, 201750.10305.921.73%
October, 201740.7620.0494.78%
September, 201720.4910.4651.48%
August, 2017105.2630.0499.27%
July, 2017191.2580.9257.44%
June, 201710.1130.1148.58%
May, 201773.33121.0476.27%
April, 201710.0120.213.63%
March, 201750.243622.871.03%
February, 201780.37172.2714.15%
January, 201720.2190.5727.33%
December, 201661.0370.4967.73%
November, 2016120.64270.7844.75%
October, 201680.59271.2731.90%
September, 201640.36161.4020.47%
August, 201600.00235.190.00%
June, 201600.0045.430.00%
May, 2016100.6262.8018.12%
March, 201600.0010.010.00%
February, 201600.0031.600.00%
December, 201560.01100.195.17%
October, 201510.0750.5312.35%
September, 201510.04177.070.59%
August, 201530.00167.430.03%
July, 201560.36202.2813.55%
June, 201510.22151.4213.34%
May, 201500.00171.440.00%
April, 201540.06211.783.11%
March, 201560.40162.4514.07%
February, 201510.0100.00100.00%
December, 201430.2100.00100.00%
November, 2014110.6110.4557.61%

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