Corporation details - Panda Express Inc. [-PEI-]
Alliance: Elemental Tide CEO: Sharpe Naskingar
Kills: 969 HQ: Scuelazyns VII - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory
Losses: 1 Members: 35
ISK destroyed: 295.89B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.03B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 99.99% Website:
Hello Pilot!

Here at Panda Express Inc, we are always looking for the best pilots EVE has to offer. We consider ourselves Browncoats; not in a way that we disregard or oppose authority, but the way we embrace autonomy while still being a part of a larger entity. You don't have to be the best though. Just have the desire to get there. We'll take newbros and veterans alike, we want all shapes and sorts flying with us. We aren't the typical corporation. Each pilot brings their own style which we include into our corp.

You might be asking, what does Panda Express Inc. do? We do everything we can! We encourage all aspects of EVE to be explored and experienced; so we have pilots running everything from Incursions to Wormhole Exploration and Combat to Mining. We are incredibly social and enjoy doing group operations. So if you enjoy playing EVE and having a some good company along for the ride, check us out on our pubic channel,
Panda Express Inc. If you like what you see there, talk to our recruiter Kiritoh Kirigaya.
We only have two rules in Panda. Real life comes first and have fun with the game. After all, we are just playing a game!

Kiritoh Kirigaya
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
August, 20174916.5300.00100.00%
July, 20177323.6700.00100.00%
June, 20174722.1900.00100.00%
May, 20177630.4300.00100.00%
April, 201717645.6100.00100.00%
March, 201715036.7400.00100.00%
February, 20175037.1300.00100.00%
January, 201715121.3700.00100.00%
December, 20168445.1300.00100.00%
November, 201610.0400.00100.00%
October, 2016101.6100.00100.00%
September, 2016329.6900.00100.00%
November, 201510.2700.00100.00%
October, 201500.0010.030.00%
August, 2015562.3800.00100.00%
July, 2015263.2900.00100.00%

10 Most recent kills
10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
SV5-8N (0.0)
I: 6 C: 0
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