Corporation details - Styx Defence Tech [STYXT]
Alliance: Silent Infinity CEO: General Smythe
Kills: 12 HQ: Uhodoh VI - Moon 1 - Amarr Certified News Development Studio
Losses: 38 Members: 6
ISK destroyed: 7.12B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.14B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 86.21% Website:
This corporation living by the NRDS rule!

A new company that will operate in the best interest of their members.
Newbie Friendly

At the moment looking for pilots that want to be here from the start. To build a great company with balance between pvp, pve and industry.
Seeking EU and US players that want to be social.

Socializing is an important thing in New Eden if we want to succeed.

Short-term goals: Get a nice group of capsuleers together and have fun.
ong-term goals: Have fun in a place we can call home.

Recrutment channel:
STYXT Recruitment

CORP Discord:
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
February, 201800.0030.010.00%
January, 2018106.44330.9287.50%
December, 201730.7220.2177.41%

Rank Evolution Table - U.S. Navy Rank Set with U.S. Navy Insignia Set - Officer
Icon Rank Name Abbreviation Req. Rank Points Req. Kill Points
Ensign Ens. 0 0
Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Lieutenant, Junior Grade LtJG. 10 300
Lieutenant Lt. 32 960
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander LCdr. 68 2040
Commander Cdr. 122 3660
Captain Capt. 196 5880
Rear Admiral LH
Rear Admiral LH Rdml. 295 8850
Rear Admiral UH
Rear Admiral UH RAdm. 424 12720
Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral VAdm. 589 17670
Admiral Adm. 797 23910
Fleet Admiral
Fleet Admiral FAdm. 1056 31680

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